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June 18, 2012
Photos of the puppies, go to [Litters]


April 5, 2012

SBIS & RBIS multi Ch. Fionn Clann Penelope at Karkati &
Multi SBIS BIS Ch. Windrock Fernando

In memory of our beloved Jagger we have mated his half sister
Punky to his sire Nando. we are very excited about
this mating. The puppies are awaited first week of may.
the painting of Punky and Nando was made in occasion
of the mating by our dear and most talented friend Martial Robin.


Februari 10, 2012
New photo of Punky, go to her page Here

Februari 6, 2012
- Gina has got here own page, have a look at Whippets.
- Asta has got her own page, have a look at Whippets.
- New photo of Lily & Camy at ther page.


December 5, 2011
Int. show in Wels (Austria)  3.12.2011, Camy wins large open class with
CAC, CACIB, BOB and becomes new Int. Champion

Int. show in Wels 4.12.2011 Camy wins again large open class
CAC and RCACIB on both days handled by Ruth Ebinger


October 16, 2011

New Swiss Champion handled by Ruth Ebinger

Here shown in Slovenia winning Cac/Cacib/Bob/BIG 3





July 24, 2011

Some photos of Lily, Karkati Asta Nielssen  and Opra










July 12, 2011

New photo of Opra JWW 2011



May 12, 2011
New photos of Punky from lake of Garda Specialty




May 2, 2011
Sighthoundspecialty Padenghe del Garda - judge Vittorio Passerino, Italy

Opra wins exc. 1 , Best Junior and JBIS 3 on her very first show

See more photos of Opra at her own page here



April 13, 2011

We have been to our first dogshow in 2011 at the international show Luxemburg

Punky wins CACL, CACIB BOB and becomes new Luxemburg Champion, International champion and qualifies for Crufts 2012.

Judge A. Gielisse from Netherland



December 12, 2010

Int. Show Erba, Italy

Punky wins CACIB, BOB & BIG under Lena Stalhanske from Sweden and
Res. BEST IN SHOW (1650 dogs) under Mr. Wayne Burton from Australia





November 1, 2010

Got this photo of BOB-BOS in Lausanne this October.



Max page has also been updated with a photo taken in Sweden this summer.

Go to Max page [here]




October 16-17, 2010
Int. Show Lausanne (Switzerland)


Max wins Cac, Cacib and BOS on both days and becomes a new

Swiss Champion (he only needs a racing attest)

Camy wins CAC,CACIB on saturday. R-CAC and R-CACIB on sunday

Lily wins R-CACIB and R-CACIB on saturday

Punky wins CAC and R-CACIB on saturday and CAC, CACIB BOB
and BIG under Wayne Burton from Australia

Added a new photo of Max at his page


September 18, 2010
Laröd Sighthoundspecialty, Sweden
- Max wins exc.1 and the Specialty CAC
- Camy wins exc. 1 and the Specialty CAC
Judge: Niklas Eriksson, Qirmizi Salukis, Sweden


August 28, 2010
Swiss Comby Trophy in Lotzwil , Switzerland
- Punky wins exc. 1 CAC, BOB and becomes new Swiss Champion.
Judge: Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne from Germany
- Max wins exc. 1 and CAC

-Camy wins exc. 1 and CAC, BOB and BIS 2.
Judges breed: Magnus Hagstedt
Judge BIS: Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne


June 12, 2010
French Greyhound Specialty in La Roche Posay, France
- Punky wins exc. 2 with Res-CAC in Open
- Paloma wins exc. 1 and Best Champion
Judge Peter Friedrich from Germany


August 12, 2010
Punky going BOS with CAC and VDH under Bo Bengtson at the
Donaueschinger Windhundtage, Sunday 8. august 2010
BOB was her litterbrother Fionn Clann Paramount.
Added a new photo of Punky at her page [here]

July 24 2010
We have got some lovley photos from Pauline Oliver of Max.
Se them at his page [here]


June 25 2010
*uppdated with photos*
World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark
Max Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB and World Winner 2010.
Camy Exc and 2:nd in youth class.

(More photos at Max page [here])


April 5, 2010
Twyborn Camellia wins another 1 exc in intermidiate class with VDH-Cert. in Germany, april 3, 2010 under Mrs. Delabelle from Belgium


29 March 2010
Whippet puppies for sale
Jun Ch Albicans Online - Twyborn Camelia
have a look at [Litters] and please contact us  by e-mail for futher information.


29 March 2010
New Photo of Camy at her page [Here]


29 March 2010
New photos from Sandhammaren at [About us]


Fribourg 27-28 feb 2010
Int. 2 days show
Camy wins intermidiate class with exc. 1 and CAC on both days, which makes her half way to her champion title.
Lily wins open class with 1 exc. CAC and CACIB-Res. on Saturday. Lily now needs only one national CAC in August to finish her champion title


October 2009
Int. 2 days show Lausanne
Max wins intermediate class with exc. and CAC Res-CACIB on both days. Max now needs only one national CAC in August to finish his champion title.

Lily wins CAC and Res. CACIB on Saturday and CAC-Res. On Sund


November 20, 2009
New Photo at index


August 31, 2009
Lilly 1. Exc Cac in intermidiate class
Camy 2. Exc res jun. Cac injun. class
Max wins 1. Exc in interm class
Cac and Bob 77 entries under breeder judge Tina Permo BIS under Magnus Hagstedt (255 entries) We are the only to win 3 times BIS with 3 different breefs afghan, greyhound and whippet at this sighthound specialty.


August 27, 2009 New photos of Max at his page here >>


June 28, 2009 *Updated with photo July 11*
- Camy gets exc. 1  with j.CAC wining best jun. bitch and best junior, best bitch
over 4 champion bitches including the  current nr. 1 bitch in Switzerland
BOB  beating the current nr. 1 male  multi ch. Jee Bee's Bayard Warrior
under judge Mr. Scheel from Danemark and finally winning
BOG-2 under Mrs. Lisbeth Mach.


May 22, 2009
- Camy becomes best puppy bitch, best puppy and BIS puppy (6-9 mths)
and swiss sighthound puppy winner 2009
judge Lotta Brun, Norway (Caravan Saluki)
- Max wins exc. 1 Jun.CAC best Junior and BIS junior and
swiss sighthound junior winner 2009
judge Lotta Brun, Norway (caravan Saluki)
- Punky wins exc. 1 and CAC in intermidiate
judge: Sharon Sakson, USA
- Jagger wins exc. 1 CAC BOB and BIS-reserve
judge: Sharon Sakson, USA


May 21, 2009
Swiss whippet clubmatch 107 entries
Judge Sharon Sakson USA

- Camy 2 best puppy bitch in a class of 11 and in the finals
winner of the special price for the best head
- Max 1. Exc. Cac best Junior
- Lily best Junior bitch


May 19, 2009
A whole new gallery of photos taken by Barbara Wickli. See it here >>


May 17, 2009
Int. show St. Gallen
- Max wins another jun. CAC with exc. 1

- Lily wins jun. CAC and best Jun. and becomes a new Jun. Swiss Champion
- Punky (we missed the entry )


 May 16, 2009
Int. show St. Gallen
- Max wins jun. CAC with exc.1 and becomes new Jun. Swiss Champion
- Lily wins jun. Res. Cac with exc. 2
- Punky wins exc. 1 with Cac Cacib BOB and BIG 3


May 11, 2009
- 6 new photos of Camy, go to her page here >>
- 2 new photos of Lily, go to her page here >>


April 13, 2009
New picture of Camy, go to her page here >>


March 28, 2009
Int. CACIB show Luxemburg
- Max wins 1. exc. And jun. CAC and becomes Junior Luxemburg
Champion and qualifies for Crufts 2010
Punky wins 2. exc. And R/CAC in interm class
Lily exc, 3 in Junior Class


March 17, 2009
- A photo of our Abessinian cat, BIS winning Ch Alexis Pretty Karkati.
Go to "About Us" here >>
- 3 new photos of Camy 9 weeks old, taken just before she left
Sweden. Go to Camy's page here >>
- 1 new photo of Camy and Lily playing. Go to Camy's page here >>


March 8, 2009
3 new photos of Lily just seven month old, go to her page here >>
1 new photo of Paloma, go to her page here >>
1 new photo of Punky, go to her page here >>
5 new photo of Max, go to his page here >>


March 4, 2009
Updated 6 new photos of Max, go to his page here >>
and a couple of photos at Lilys page here >>

Int show in Fribourg/Switzerland Saturday 21 February 2009

-Jagger  wins CAC, CACIB, BOS
- Punky  wins  jun. CAC and becomes Swiss Junior Champion
- Max  wins jun. CAC and best Junior Whippet
- Lily   wins jun. CAC and best Junior BOS
Judge: Mrs Mortarella, USA

 Int show in Fribourg/Switzerland Sunday 22 February 2009

- Max wins jun. CAC and best Junior BOS
- Lily  wins  jun. CAC and best Junior Whippet


Int. show Fribourg, Saturday 23 February 2008

- Karkati's Paloma Picasso   wins CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1,  BIS 3
- Fionn Clann Jagger Ailin    wins CAC, CACIB, BOS  new Swiss Champion
Int. Show Fribourg, Sunday 24 February 2008
- Karkati's Paloma Picasso wins CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1, takes the lead for top Greyhound and top Sighthound in Switzerland 2008
- Fionn Clann Jagger Ailin  wins CAC, CACIB, BOS


Int. Bundessiegerausstellung Dortmund Oct. 2007

- Jagger wins CAC, VDH-Anw. CACIC, BOB and the title Deutscher
Bundessieger 2007
- Paloma wins VDH-Anw. , CACIB, BOS and her second title after
2005 Deutsche Bundessiegerin 2007


Animalia Int. dog show Lausanne, saturday 20. Oct. 2007

- Jagger wins CAC, CACIB, BOB and becomes new Intern. Champion
- Pablo wins CAC, CACIB-Reserve
- Paloma wins CAC, CACIB, BOS


Animalia Int. dog show Lausanne, sunday 21 oct. 2007

- Jagger wins CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1 qualifies for Crufts 2008
- Jagger is Switzerlands top winning Greyhound and Sighthound on int. shows in Switzerland 2007
- Paloma wins CAC, CACIB, BOS qualifies for Crufts 2008
- Paloma
is Switzerlands top winning Greyhound bitch on Int. Shows in Switzerland 2007
- Pablo wins CAC - Pablo is second best Greyhound male behind
his friend Jagger

Greyhound Specialty, Mariefred, Sweden
Judge Michael White, England

Jagger wins 1st Prize, 1st in class, CC, Swedish Champion and 2nd Best Dog
Pablo Picasso wins 1st Prize, 2nd in class, 4th Best Dog

Eurowinner Show Zagreb, Croatia

Jagger wins CAC, CACIB and European Winner 2007 under respected breeder judge Espen Engh, Jet  Kennels, Norway

Int. St. Gallen, Saturday  may 12, 2007

- Pablo wins CAC and CACIB Reserve in Championclass
and becomes new Swiss Champion
- Paloma wins CAC, CACIB,  BOS becomes new Swiss Champion
- Jagger wins CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2nd Group


Int. St. Gallen SundayMay 13,2007

- Pablo wins CAC in Championclass
- Paloma wins CAC, Cacib, BOS
- Jagger wins CAC, CACIB, BOB

Paloma and  Jagger remain in the lead for best Greyhound bitch and male and Jagger even for best Sighthound in Switzerland at int. shows.

Coursing Swiss Championship

- Paloma is Vice-Swiss Coursing champion 2007
- Pablo ranked 3rd behind his sister

National Coursing Lotzwil, March 2007

Pablo wins the coursing with 30 points, Paloma is second with also 30 points.  Jagger gets his coursing licence and will also start at the next coursing competition.

International show Luxemburg

Jagger wins CAC and  R-Cacib and becomes a Luxemburg Champion.
Pablo wins CAC in the Championclass and becomes also a Luxemburg Champion.

International Dogshow Fribourg, Switzerland 10.2.2007 Saturday

Paloma wins CAC/CACIB/BOS
Jagger wins CAC/CACIB/BOB under judge Mrs. Getzinger, Austria
Jagger wins Group 2nd under Mr. Jacques Dupas, France

International dogshow Fribourg, Switzerland 11.2.2007 Sunday

Paloma wins CAC/CACIB/BOB
Jagger wins CAC/CACIB/BOS under judge Mr. kenneth Edh, Sweden Paloma wins Group 2nd under Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland

Paloma and Jagger take the lead for best Greyhound male and bitch
in Switzerland for the current season.

International show Montpellier Judge Christian Magré, France

Paloma wins CAC (spéciale) & CACIB and becomes a French Champion
 Jagger wins CAC (spéciale) & RCACIB.


Nuernberg, Germany 13 January 2007

Jagger won CAC, VDH. CACIB, BOB under respected German judge Björn Fritz
Paloma CAC, VDH, CACIB, BOS and becomes a German Champion in 4 straight int. shows under 4 different judges

The Swiss Greyhound Jubilee Show 2006

Paloma & Teddy win Best Brace and Teddy win Best Veteran

Above and below: Teddy & Paloma

Below Teddy winning Best Veteran at the Swiss Greyhound Jubilee Show 2006

Paloma wins the CAC and becomes a new Polish Champion at the World Dog Show in Poznan, under breeder judge Dr Göran Bodegård, Sweden.

Paloma wins CAC/CACIB/BOB  at the internationl show of Metz France under French judge Mr Grunheid. She becomes an International Champion at the age 2 1/4 years.

International dog show Lausanne 14 October 2006

Jagger wins Junior CAC, Best Junior and becomes  Swiss Junior Champion
Paloma  wins CAC/CACIB/BOB
Pablo     wins CAC/CACIB/BOS
they all 3 stay in the lead in Switzerland  for
- Best Junior Greyhound 2006
- Best Male Greyhound 2006
- Best Bitch and best Greyhound 2006

International dog show Luxemburg 3 September 2006

Paloma: CAC, CACIB, BOS and new Luxemburg Champion
Jagger: CAC, CACIB, BOB and Group 2 under respected breeder judge
Bitte Ahrens of Sobers kennel
Pablo: Res CAC

Paloma & Pablo both win the 'Swiss Comby Trophy' 2006, competing in both conformation (showing) and lure coursing. Photo below by Barbara Wickli.


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